Hyperthyroid (Graves Disease)

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Hyperthyroid disease can have many causes, including autoimmune disease, disorders of the pituitary or hypothalmus, or tumors. The end result of any of these causes is overrelease of the thyroid hormone T4 into the blood stream, which in turn over-stimulates the body's metabolism, causing symptoms such as fevers, rapid heart rate, and weight loss. Treatment depends on proper diagnosis of the underlying cause.

Neuro Research [Hinz2015] reports that chronic diseases such as Graves Disease can be benefited by balancing neurotransmitter and sulfur-containing amino acid levels in the body, particularly serotonin, dopamine, and cysteine, through targeted nutrition guided by lab testing. Dr. Weyrich has been trained in the Neuro-Research protocols and offers these nutritional protocols as a complement to other therapies.

Note that nutritional supplements and testing are not covered by most insurance policies, but may be eligible for payment out of Health Care Savings Accounts.




Differential Diagnosis


Treatment depends on proper diagnosis of the underlying cause. If the underlying cause cannot be resolved, then it is often necessary to destroy all or part of the thyroid gland in order to prevent life-threatening complications.


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