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FrequencyPubMed IDs
rs1801260Go to Go to A45 AAGGG=0.22435717221848 20364331 17948273 20065968 17428266 20704703 21773969 22517501 18071340 18228528 18663240 18957941 19166596 20180986 20368993 20396431 20600471 22310473 23131019 22709985 20961464 23399917 24467926 24892753 25020710 24824748 26181468 26553137 27660894 30518396
rs6832769Go to Go to A45 GGAAG=0.32730518957941
rs1522113 Go to A45 GGAAA=0.033520 
rs11932595Go to Go to A45  GGG=0.36621620149345 17696255 18541547 24332565 24919398
rs9312661 Go to A4 GGAAA=0.337411 
rs80166859 Go to A5 GGAAA=0.010249 
rs6855837Go to Go to A4  TTT=0.02043624821610
rs6843722 Go to A5 AACCC=0.304640 
rs3817444Go to Go to A4 AACCA=0.31868026181468
rs3762836 Go to A4  CCC=0.000932 
rs3749474Go to Go to A5 CCTTT=0.33732321773969 19888304 20180986 21172166 23822714 26181468 28177907
rs372704946 Go to A5 CCTTT=0.000884 
rs35793438 Go to A4 TTGGG=0.034674 
rs34812164 Go to A4  AAA=0.001473 
rs34789226 Go to A4 TTCCC=0.000060 
rs34401111 Go to A4 AAGGG=0.003552 
rs2412648 Go to A4 TTGGG=0.303811 
rs2070062 Go to A4 AACCC=0.224349 
rs182492164 Go to A5 TTAAA=0.000052 
rs1554483Go to Go to A4 CCGGG=0.33747518541547 17696255
rs144434107 Go to A5  AAA=0.000008 
rs13113518 Go to A5 TTCCC=0.337395 
rs12649507Go to Go to A5  AAA=0.30465620149345 25527757 28777361
rs11931061 Go to A4  GGG=0.437834 
rs116157650 Go to A5 CCTTT=0.012416 
rs114621641 Go to A5 CCTTT=0.022323 
rs113185250 Go to A5 CCTTT=0.016358 
rs7692461 Go to A TTCCC=0.031059 
rs578243815 Go to A GGAAA=0.000835 
rs34897046 Go to A GGCCC=0.034595 
rs2412646Go to Go to A TTCCT=0.43836025677407 24824748
rs17722979 Go to A GGAAA=0.224349 
rs13132420 Go to A GGAAA=0.337546 
rs7659053 Go to 4 CCTTT=0.036769 
rs4865010 Go to 4 AACCC=0.322718 
rs4865009 Go to 4  TTT=0.004444 
rs4864548Go to Go to 4 GGAAA=0.33754618541547 17696255 18071340
rs3736544Go to Go to 4 AAGGA=0.30422319347611 18071340 19166596 21172166
rs13140590 Go to 4 AAGGG=0.303358 
rs11133399Go to Go to 4 AAGGG=0.29475730843665
rs4580704Go to Go to   GGCCG=0.32284526739996
rs192518038Go to Go to    AAA=0.00325727635400
rs11240Go to Go to    GGG=0.22422125677407
rs10462028Go to Go to   GGAAA=0.25703220072116 20174623 20180986 25229211

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