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Alternative Names


FrequencyPubMed IDs
rs7103 Go to A45 CCTTT=0.314817 
rs28931603Go to Go to A45 GGAAA=0.000395 
rs1131857 Go to A45 TTGGG=0.168468 
rs77432735 Go to A5 TTCCC=0.000012 
rs56028800 Go to A5 GGAAG=0.19229 
rs3828372 Go to A5 GGAAG=0.452217 
rs3804625 Go to A5 TTCCC=0.001832 
rs3804622 Go to A5 GGAAA=0.442302 
rs201071538 Go to A5 TTAAA=0.000040 
rs1729995 Go to A5 TTCCT=0.297162 
rs16839969 Go to A5 CCTTT=0.349094 
rs11921054 Go to A5  AAA=0.049599 
rs116110550 Go to A5 AAGGG=0.028869 
rs147537350 Go to A CCTTT=0.000585 
rs121917868Go to Go to A TTCCC=0.000040 
rs4857405 Go to 4 GGAAA=0.405478 
rs4558798 Go to 4  AAA=0.265633 
rs1675534 Go to 4 GGAAA=0.298133 
rs1675511 Go to 4 CCTTT=0.417129 
rs786205054Go to Go to       
rs786205053Go to Go to    III=0.000008 
rs587777271Go to Go to   TTGG  
rs28929487Go to Go to       
rs28929486Go to Go to       
rs121917874Go to Go to   CCGG  
rs121917873Go to Go to   GGAA  
rs121917872Go to Go to   GGAA  
rs121917871Go to Go to   GGAAC=0.000016 
rs121917870Go to Go to   GGCC  
rs121917866Go to Go to   GGAAA=0.000004 

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