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FrequencyPubMed IDs
rs997384 Go to A45  GGG=0.180261 
rs9875843 Go to A45 CCAAA=0.186266 
rs78313896 Go to A45 CCAAA=0.012400 
rs6551250 Go to A45 GGAAG=0.416714 
rs6549948 Go to A45 GGAAG=0.223313 
rs4264750 Go to A45 AAGGG=0.450147 
rs4129625 Go to A45 TTCCC=0.072399 
rs2053506Go to Go to A45  GGG=0.26138017903296
rs17005983 Go to A45 GGAAA=0.081486 
rs1372548 Go to A45 TTCCC=0.044876 
rs1348232 Go to A45 GGAAA=0.496998 
rs12494090 Go to A45 CCAAA=0.012965 
rs80069959 Go to A5 AAGGG=0.037302 
rs79773461 Go to A5 TTGGG=0.111127 
rs79729546 Go to A5  TTT=0.009429 
rs77947317 Go to A5 CCTTT=0.024091 
rs77154532 Go to A5  GGG=0.353721 
rs77008003 Go to A5 TTCCC=0.050897 
rs7618649 Go to A5 CCTTT=0.043889 
rs76152633 Go to A5  CCC=0.000725 
rs75978369 Go to A5 GGAAA=0.015577 
rs75581717 Go to A5 TTCCC=0.002556 
rs74923937 Go to A5 TTCCC=0.029394 
rs74616384 Go to A5  GGG=0.147968 
rs74475531 Go to A5 TTCCC=0.001569 
rs73818837 Go to A5 TTCCC=0.096951 
rs73048546 Go to A5 TTCCC=0.016851 
rs6801951 Go to A5  TTT=0.081303 
rs67754728 Go to A5  AAA=0.058303 
rs62279477 Go to A5 CCAAA=0.043610 
rs62279461 Go to A5 AAGGG=0.016485 
rs55774585 Go to A5 GGAAA=0.378783 
rs34561654 Go to A5  TTT=0.012057 
rs33915638 Go to A5 AAGGG=0.089331 
rs28452585 Go to A5 TTCCC=0.040424 
rs192874645 Go to A5 CCTTT=0.000478 
rs17005976 Go to A5 CCTTT=0.046010 
rs17005867 Go to A5 CCTTT=0.093901 
rs150744805 Go to A5 GGAAA=0.000868 
rs147761311 Go to A5 GGAAA=0.001433 
rs145727529 Go to A5 GGAAA=0.000581 
rs142682029 Go to A5 TTGGG=0.001943 
rs138985545 Go to A5 GGAAA=0.000828 
rs1372554 Go to A5 GGAAG=0.372499 
rs1348229 Go to A5 GGAAG=0.265760 
rs13092831 Go to A5 CCAAC=0.304170 
rs12485415 Go to A5 GGTTT=0.069134 
rs116110194 Go to A5 CCAAA=0.008282 
rs115134359 Go to A5 TTGGG=0.022211 
rs114666545 Go to A5 GGAAA=0.026344 
rs114082406 Go to A5 AAGGG=0.023740 
rs9838685 Go to A CCTTT=0.039986 
rs755303397 Go to A GGAAA=0.000012 
rs67013638 Go to A  GGG=0.326803 
rs564126399 Go to A  TTT=0.000012 
rs533219014 Go to A  TTT=0.000008 
rs4858318 Go to A CCTTC=0.227821 
rs376431595 Go to A  GGG=0.000064 
rs368562475 Go to A CCTTT=0.000016 
rs138763434 Go to A CCTTT=0.000020 
rs10510488 Go to A TTCCC=0.259899 
rs9865301 Go to 4 AAGGG=0.103315 
rs9853477 Go to 4 TTCCC=0.294199 
rs9846656 Go to 4  CCC=0.194444 
rs9814599 Go to 4 CCTTT=0.203539 
rs9756893 Go to 4 TTCCC=0.063057 
rs9310595 Go to 4 CCTTT=0.457163 
rs7645658 Go to 4 AAGGA=0.404944 
rs7640623 Go to 4 CCTTT=0.378918 
rs7633856 Go to 4 TTGGG=0.050100 
rs7632181 Go to 4 GGAAA=0.290958 
rs7630677 Go to 4 AAGGA=0.243438 
rs7613079 Go to 4 GGAAA=0.061385 
rs75232354 Go to 4 CCAAA=0.026304 
rs730586 Go to 4 GGAAA=0.052920 
rs727139 Go to 4 AAGGG=0.117641 
rs6806328 Go to 4 GGAAA=0.152053 
rs6805870 Go to 4 GGTTT=0.062173 
rs6800537 Go to 4 AAGGG=0.109494 
rs6783450 Go to 4 GGAAG=0.459647 
rs6783211 Go to 4  AAA=0.134557 
rs2197126 Go to 4 CCTTC=0.268572 
rs2165625 Go to 4 GGAAG=0.374841 
rs1867001 Go to 4  CCC=0.261508 
rs17006048 Go to 4 GGAAA=0.047942 
rs17005800 Go to 4 AAGGG=0.096912 
rs1550560 Go to 4 GGAAG=0.267544 
rs1470213 Go to 4 TTCCT=0.333724 
rs1442199 Go to 4  CCC=0.050467 
rs1442198 Go to 4 CCTTC=0.424702 
rs1389538 Go to 4 AAGGG=0.058590 
rs1372555 Go to 4 AACCC=0.358841 
rs1372553 Go to 4 GGAAA=0.141087 
rs1348231 Go to 4 CCTTT=0.052553 
rs13093165 Go to 4 CCTTT=0.286689 
rs12488588 Go to 4  AAA=0.092038 
rs12485979 Go to 4  TTT=0.131379 
rs11918308 Go to 4 AAGGG=0.111517 
rs11914956 Go to 4 AAGGG=0.120357 
rs11709636 Go to 4 TTGGG=0.284364 
rs114480849 Go to 4 CCTTT=0.019766 
rs10514672 Go to 4  TTT=0.039843 
rs10470642 Go to 4 TTCCT=0.297292 
rs10470605 Go to 4 AAGGG=0.330665 

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