Alternative Symbols


FrequencyPubMed IDs
rs917986 Go to A45  CCC=0.396112 
rs7143719 Go to A45 CCAAA=0.318799 
rs4903964 Go to A45  AAA=0.347151 
rs2234919 Go to A45  AAA=0.044072 
rs17546166 Go to A45 TTCCC=0.053772 
rs12101261Go to Go to A45 CCTTT=0.39570621841780
rs121908866Go to Go to A4 GGAAA=0.00011130665703
rs8003061 Go to A5 GGAAA=0.395475 
rs79746054 Go to A5 TTCCC=0.018611 
rs79035378 Go to A5 AACCC=0.010855 
rs78238394 Go to A5 TTGGG=0.011579 
rs77074657 Go to A5 CCTTT=0.005638 
rs76213566 Go to A5 AAGGG=0.000080 
rs74980178 Go to A5 GGAAA=0.006833 
rs74899619 Go to A5 CCTTT=0.082417 
rs74587938 Go to A5 TTGGG=0.110824 
rs74492444 Go to A5 TTCCC=0.015099 
rs72627197 Go to A5 AACCC=0.06973 
rs7151098 Go to A5 TTGGG=0.146765 
rs7148630 Go to A5 CCTTC=0.155199 
rs7144481Go to Go to A4 CCTTC=0.14475026231489
rs71416860 Go to A5 CCTTT=0.088247 
rs6574628 Go to A5  TTT=0.12288 
rs6574626 Go to A5  AAA=0.178461 
rs61980877 Go to A5  AAA=0.013196 
rs61747482Go to Go to A5 GGCCC=0.005175 
rs61742289 Go to A5 CCGGG=0.000453 
rs57632490 Go to A5 CCTTT=0.150898 
rs4903965 Go to A5 AAGGA=0.484940 
rs3783942 Go to A5 AAGGA=0.354414 
rs36093037 Go to A5 CCTTT=0.081916 
rs28491084 Go to A5 AAGGG=0.12370 
rs2300542 Go to A5 TTCCC=0.321021 
rs2288496 Go to A5 TTCCC=0.385584 
rs2284735 Go to A4 AAGGG=0.438137 
rs2110695 Go to A5 CCTTT=0.174248 
rs199702292 Go to A5 TTCCC=0.000008 
rs191158999 Go to A5 CCTTT=0.006570 
rs189506473 Go to A5 GGAAA=0.000087 
rs189261858Go to Go to A5 GGAAA=0.000235 
rs187930022 Go to A5  GGG=0.000597 
rs183453407 Go to A5 CCTTT=0.000127 
rs17545310 Go to A5  CCC=0.342691 
rs151264748 Go to A5  TTT=0.000191 
rs150602845 Go to A5  TTT=0.001449 
rs121908869Go to Go to A5 GGCCC=0.000040 
rs118125928 Go to A5 CCTTT=0.003193 
rs117781175 Go to A5 TTGGG=0.012065 
rs117631391 Go to A5 AAGGG=0.020451 
rs117544714 Go to A5 CCTTT=0.014096 
rs117243405 Go to A5  TTT=0.007183 
rs114939494 Go to A5 AACCC=0.053668 
rs114818008 Go to A5 AAGGG=0.049511 
rs114044445 Go to A5 GGAAA=0.033870 
rs112888826 Go to A5 AAGGG=0.029179 
rs10151660 Go to A5  CCC=0.309099 
rs10136511 Go to A5 GGAAA=0.25769 
rs772490052Go to Go to A CCTTT=0.000004 
rs760874290Go to Go to A GGCCC=0.000040 
rs2268477 Go to A CCAAA=0.178772 
rs200138601 Go to A TTCCC=0.000139 
rs142063461 Go to A CCTTT=0.000543 
rs121908882Go to Go to A CCTTT=0.000008 
rs121908872Go to Go to A GGAAA=0.000040 
rs121908871Go to Go to A TTGGG=0.000016 
rs121908868Go to Go to A GGAAA=0.000004 
rs121908865Go to Go to A GGAAA=0.000020 
rs1991517Go to Go to 4 GGCCG=0.10413917803697 15650076 22147956 19138047
rs179247Go to Go to 4 AAGGG=0.37693527231040 27014188 21124799 19244275 22673349 21642385 29973096
rs12101255Go to Go to 4 CCTTT=0.39570627231040 21124799 19244275 22673349
rs930099 Go to 4 CCAAA=0.267536 
rs917984 Go to 4 CCTTC=0.437046 
rs8021423 Go to 4 CCTTT=0.318489 
rs8021279 Go to 4 AAGGG=0.050992 
rs8019356 Go to 4 TTCCC=0.318951 
rs8017455Go to Go to 4 TTCCC=0.21734019896111 20018077
rs8012937 Go to 4 TTCCC=0.116176 
rs8012915 Go to 4 GGAAA=0.318775 
rs733234 Go to 4 TTCCC=0.329566 
rs722540 Go to 4 CCTTT=0.173938 
rs7158881 Go to 4  CCC=0.397665 
rs7143914 Go to 4 AAGGG=0.218105 
rs6574629 Go to 4 AAGGG=0.200935 
rs6574617 Go to 4 GGAAA=0.325903 
rs6574616 Go to 4 TTCCT=0.092309 
rs4903967 Go to 4 GGAAG=0.274067 
rs4617779 Go to 4 GGAAA=0.011468 
rs4411444 Go to 4 AAGGG=0.444325 
rs3783949 Go to 4 TTGGG=0.488731 
rs3783943 Go to 4 AAGGG=0.297958 
rs3783941 Go to 4  CCC=0.382191 
rs3783938Go to Go to 4 CCTTT=0.12823322673349 22589738
rs28937584Go to Go to 4 GGAAA=0.000004 
rs2300541 Go to 4 GGTTT=0.147554 
rs2300536 Go to 4 TTCCC=0.487505 
rs2300534 Go to 4 CCAAA=0.344387 
rs2300521 Go to 4 AACCC=0.185111 
rs2300520 Go to 4 GGAAA=0.205514 
rs2300517 Go to 4 TTCCC=0.176311 
rs2284734 Go to 4  GGG=0.471641 
rs2284722 Go to 4 GGAAA=0.263252 
rs2284721 Go to 4 TTCCC=0.180030 
rs2284720 Go to 4 AAGGG=0.191824 
rs2284716 Go to 4 AAGGG=0.179895 
rs2284715 Go to 4 GGTTT=0.179751 
rs2268467 Go to 4 CCTTC=0.175945 
rs2239610Go to Go to 4 GGCCC=0.21945919438904
rs2075179 Go to 4 TTCCC=0.182417 
rs2075177 Go to 4 GGAAA=0.233252 
rs1957547 Go to 4 AAGGA=0.476140 
rs179261 Go to 4 CCTTC=0.233467 
rs179256 Go to 4 TTGGT=0.149990 
rs179250 Go to 4  AAA=0.152794 
rs179249 Go to 4 CCTTC=0.414819 
rs17630128 Go to 4 TTCCC=0.263666 
rs17545554 Go to 4 AACCC=0.032397 
rs17111404 Go to 4 TTCCC=0.033010 
rs17111394Go to Go to 4 TTCCC=0.13770220395239
rs17111387 Go to 4 CCTTT=0.097899 
rs17111365 Go to 4 TTCCC=0.305452 
rs17111361 Go to 4 TTCCC=0.162406 
rs12892567 Go to 4 TTCCC=0.179895 
rs12885526 Go to 4 GGAAG=0.393134 
rs12884433 Go to 4 CCTTT=0.017027 
rs12883673 Go to 4 AAGGG=0.087944 
rs12147434 Go to 4 AACCC=0.022060 
rs11848926 Go to 4 AAGGG=0.105059 
rs11845164 Go to 4 TTCCC=0.309195 
rs11625193 Go to 4 TTCCC=0.069365 
rs11159480 Go to 4 GGTTG=0.159866 
rs10145099 Go to 4 CCTTT=0.334201 
rs10131915 Go to 4 AACCC=0.118143 
rs10130066 Go to 4  GGG=0.105847 
rs10083503 Go to 4 GGAAG=0.172106 
rs786205080Go to Go to   GGCCC=0.000004 
rs786204790Go to Go to    DDD=0.000016 
rs763679435Go to Go to   CCTTT=0.000004 
rs2288493Go to Go to   CCTTT=0.15342328424481
rs2268475Go to Go to   TTCCC=0.40365422673349
rs2268458Go to Go to   TTCCC=0.20269518925838 16106256 17608818 29093229
rs2075173Go to Go to   AAGGG=0.09799515911145
rs201889708Go to Go to   GGAAA=0.000032 
rs1990595Go to Go to   AACCA=0.37948422673349
rs17111530Go to Go to   TTCCC=0.16724024556642
rs121908885Go to Go to   TTCCC=0.00000 
rs121908884Go to Go to   TTCCC=0.00000 
rs121908883Go to Go to   GGAAA=0.00000 
rs121908881Go to Go to   CCTTT=0.000004 
rs121908880Go to Go to   CCTTT=0.00000 
rs121908879Go to Go to   AAGG  
rs121908878Go to Go to   GGAA  
rs121908877Go to Go to   GGTTA=0.000004 
rs121908876Go to Go to   GGAAA=0.00000 
rs121908875Go to Go to   GGAA  
rs121908874Go to Go to   TTCCC=0.00001 
rs121908873Go to Go to   GGAAA=0.00000 
rs121908870Go to Go to   CCAAA=0.00000 
rs121908867Go to Go to   CCTTT=0.00000 
rs121908864Go to Go to   TTCCG=0.000004 
rs121908863Go to Go to   CCGGG=0.000167 
rs121908862Go to Go to   TTAA  
rs121908861Go to Go to   TTCCC=0.00000 
rs121908860Go to Go to       
rs121908859Go to Go to   AAGG  
rs1085307573Go to Go to   AA   
rs1064794318Go to Go to       

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