Genomics is the study of DNA, which is the "blueprint" for all the genes in our body. While 99% of the genes in all humans are the same, the other 1% varies, and that is what makes each of us unique human individuals.

Science has now progressed to the point where we can measure all the DNA in our bodies and determine what many of our unique gene variations are. This in turn allows us to determine the best diet, lifestyle, and medical treatments for our unique body!

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It is sometimes argued that there is no point in genetic testing, because we can't change our genes. However, this is not true - epigenetics can be a game-changer. Epigenetics is the study of how we can alter gene expression in order to optimize health. Although we cannot change our genes, we can in many cases alter how our genes work (change gene expression) by diet, lifestyle, and our individualized naturopathic medical treatments.

In addition, if we know what our gene weaknesses are, we may be able to "bypass" weak links in our biochemistry, through using testing to determine your individualized supplementation needs for vitamins, minerals, etc.

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Analogy to a Game of Poker

Dr. Weyrich compares Genomics and Epigenetics to a game of poker. You are born with a unique DNA blueprint, which controls formation of the genes that are the basis of the biochemical processes of your body.

Genomics is the study of how the genes you are born with (which is called your genotype) relates to your flesh-and-blood body (which is called your phenotype).

Your genes (genotype) can be compared to "the cards you are dealt." But you can use epigenetics to change the outcomes (to change your phenotype). Epigenetics are the precisely individualized strategies you can use to "play the game" to maximize your potential.

As the country music singer Kenny Rodgers says in his song entitled Go to <i>The Gambler</i>, The Gambler,

"If you're gonna play the game, boy,
You gotta learn to play it right ...
Every gambler knows the secret to survivin',
Is knowin' what to throw away, and knowin' what to keep.
'Cause every hand's a winner, and every hand's a loser ..."
[It all depends on how you play the hand].
Genomics testing and epigenetics coaching help you "play the game of life" to the optimum.

What cards have you been dealt?

The most widely known genetic testing companies are Go to Ancestory.com Ancestory.com and Go to 23andMe. 23andMe.

These companies focus mainly on genealogy - tracing where your ancestors came from. While this is interesting, a different approach is needed to optimize your epigenetics.

Dr. Weyrich is affiliated with the company Go to Apeiron, Apeiron, which offers several Genetic Report Packages focused on epigenetic optimization.

Dr. Weyrich can analyze your genetic testing information from Apeiron or 23&me to find out what your "cards" are, and then coach you in epigenetic strategies to optimize your "game."

In conjunction with Apeiron, Dr. Weyrich can use your genetic data to "uncover" your genomic "cards". The first six "cards" or reports that Dr. Weyrich provides based on Apeiron technology includes the Optimized Living and Performance Blueprint Reports covering everything you need to know to make ideal lifestyle choices based on your unique makeup (see below).

The Bottom Line

The decision whether to do genomics testing and get epigenetic coaching or not comes down to this: Do you want to go through life with your genomic cards face down, or do you want to turn them face up so you can optimize your strategy of being as healthy as you can be for as long as possible?

Dr. Weyrich is affiliated with the company Apeiron, which offers several Genetic Report Packages focused on epigenetic optimization (more under development), as shown below. Dr. Weyrich is currently studying to become certified in epigenetics, but is not yet certified. Order testing now directly from Dr. Weyrich and get pre-certification discounts (limited time offer). After Dr. Weyrich is certified, he will review the initial report for any necessary changes/additions. Contact Dr. Weyrich directly for this option.

The following genetic report packages are available from Dr. Weyrich
Comprehensive Apeiron Genetic Test (no reports). Do this once in your life, and the raw data can be used to generate various reports as described below. If you already have 23&Me data, Dr. Weyrich can use that data so you do not need to order the Apeiron test. (There are some differences in the genes reported by Apeiron vs. 23&Me). $149
Nutrition and Diet Genomics Report (17 page full color pdf file) $150
Supplementation Genomics Report (21 page full color pdf file) $100
Hormone Genomics (full color pdf file) $100
Environmental and Detox Genomics (full color pdf file) $100
Sleep Genomics Report (8 page full color pdf file) $75
Athletic Performance Genomics (full color pdf file) $150
OPTIMIZED LIVING BLUEPRINT: report covering everything you need to know to make ideal lifestyle choices based on your unique makeup, including: Nutrition and Diet, Supplementation, and Sleep Genomics Report. Includes 60-minute telephone review of findings and 46 page full color pdf file - $325 value if reports purchased separately. $200
PERFORMANCE BLUEPRINT: (Best value) You get all the information from the Optimized Living Blueprint plus additional custom insights and recommendations based on your genetic variants in the following additional domains: Athletic Performance, Environmental and Detox, and Hormone Genomics. Includes 90-minute telephone review of findings and 81 page full color pdf file - $675 value if reports purchased separately. $400
Diagnosis, treatment, and coaching based on above results are available at standard office visit/ phone consultation rates.

Genes of Interest

Dr. Weyrich has information on over 9,000 genes. The following short list of genes are the most important genes that Dr. Weyrich is currently studying, or references elsewhere on his web site or in reports that he generates. The information presented should be considered to be tentative and not used to diagnose or treat any condition without futher clinical confirmation by a licensed health care professional.