Test Overview of SpectraCell FIA Blood Panel

The SpectraCell FIA test is an interesting test for evaluating functional status of many different nutrients. It is based in the principle that if blood cells (white blood cells in particular) are isolated and place in various growth media that have all necessary nutrients except for one nutrient at a time, poor growth of the cells in that media suggests low functional body stores of that missing nutrient; on the other hand, if the cells continue to grow normally in the nutrient-deficient media, then it is concluded that the intracellular stores of that nutrient are not deficient.

Test Indications of SpectraCell FIA Blood Panel

While the company that offers the SpectraCell FIA Blood Test suggests that it is useful for determining functional nutritional status of many nutrients, Dr. Weyrich has not completed an evaluation of the clinical evidence supporting these claims. It remains an interesting approach, but one that in Dr. Weyrich's opinion still needs more clinical correlation with other methods of analysis such as the MetaMetrix ION tests or the combined Organic Acid Test Panel, Urine Amino Acid Panel, and Urine Mineral Panel / Hair Metal Panel.

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