Comprehensive Stool Analysis Panel

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Test Overview

The Stool Analysis Panel detects both beneficial and pathogenic microflora in the GI tract, including yeasts, bacteria, and parasites. It also provides a number of other markers of gut health.

Test Indications

Sample Collection

  1. Your doctor will provide you with the sample collection kit.
  2. The sample must be sent via overnight FedEx directly to the lab on a Monday through Thursday using the prepaid mailer provided.
  3. Detailed instructions are in the sample collection kit.

Your doctor or lab may have different instructions that supersede the above.


112.9Yeast infection 
277.9Metabolic disorder 
279.9Immune system disorder 


82272Occult blood 
82492Quantitative chromatography 
82656Pancreatic elastase 
83986Stool pH 
87045Salmonella/Shigella bacterial culture 
87046Other aerobic bacterial culture 
87102Fungal culture 
87177*2Ova and parasitesTwo samples
87209*2Special smear for ova and parasitesTwo samples
87328Cryptosporidium immunoassay 
87329Heliobacter pylori immunoassay 
89125Fat stain 
89160Meat fiber 

Labs Performing Test

Name of LabLab CodeEstimated CostProcessing TimeComments
Great Plains  $3302-3 weeksCash discount and some insurance

Costs cited are subject to change and may be reduced by insurance or cash discounts and increased by sample collection fees.


Digestion and Absorption

Stool Fats

Meat Fibers

Vegetable Fibers

Pancreatic Elastase


Bacterial Culture and Sensitivity

Beneficial Bacteria

Pathogeninic Bacteria

Yeast Culture and Sensitivity

Fungal Culture

Fungal Sensitivity

Parasite Testing

Inflammatory Markers



White Blood Cells (WBC)


Stool Metabolic Markers

Stool pH

ELISA Immunoassays

Immunoassay reveals evidence of pathogen even when not culturable.

Heliobacter pylori



Giardia lamblia

Other Tests

Occult Blood

Secretory Immunoglobulin A (SigA)


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